Cool eBay Find #151

This find isn’t a bargain and it isn’t another car you could just drive away after you’ve bought it, and it certainly isn’t a small project. This monster 1941 Cadillac Series 64 Fastback is just waiting to be made beautiful again, and you can see that this once was a truly lovely looking car. Personally I think 1941 brought many beautiful American cars and they drive in a lovely way too. You could either restore this car to stock, hot rod it, or rat rod it, though to me ratrodding this beauty would be a great waste. It’s £12,500 so it isn’t the cheapest American project you can find for sale, but just imagine completing it and driving it around.

Cool eBay Find #151


Cool eBay Find #149

It is rare to find a project Aston Martin DBS like this one, which is why the bidding has gone so crazy on it (over £40k at the time I’m writing this). Judging by the photos of this car it doesn’t look to be in terrible shape, though of course it is when you take this car apart that you’ll know exactly how much work it needs. Apparently the car was last on the road in 1992, over 25 years ago now! The brakes don’t work, there is surface rust all the way around and a small amount of damage to the front left corner, so it certainly isn’t a wreck judging by that description. It would be lovely to see this beauty back on the road, and I’m sure that by then the prices will have sky rocketed again.

Cool eBay Find #149

Cool eBay Find #136

I think you’d be hard pushed to find someone who doesn’t know what the General Lee is, not only is it a famous car it’s a film icon. Funnily enough you can’t drive this one home, though the listing tells you that just in case you weren’t aware. It also needs welding but the engine runs when attached to a fuel supply so there is a positive. All tax and duties are paid and it is UK registered, which is always important to consider when buying a freshly imported US car. Chargers aren’t cheap but I think the £11k starting bid on this is definitely a stretch, and I’m not the only one as it’s had no bids yet with only a few days to go.

Cool eBay Find #136

Cool eBay Find #129

It’s rare to find a 2-for-1 car deal on eBay, let alone a 3-for-1 deal like this one, and all for a rare car that all seem to be in good condition. These three Lancia Montecarlos come as a job lot. I’ve copied the listing description so as not to miss exactly what the seller describes each of these cars as, but make no mistake this is a huge project to take on!

Lancia MonteCarlo’s are rocketing in value, as there are now only 25 of these 2 Litre, mid-engined, 2 seater, Italian Exotic’s, MOT/ SORN in the UK. Pristine examples are now demanding £20K and unrestored runners are selling for between £7-12K depending on condition.

So it’s with great regret that I find myself in the very unfortunate position of having to sell my MonteCarlo’s, hopefully to a Lancia enthusiast who will finish the work I had hoped to undertake.
Please Read the following very carefully. I would recommend that you view the cars before you buy/bid

Silver Spyder (see first 4 pictures) – (VPL 922 S) – First registered 1st March 1978 **

I fell in love with this Silver car a good friend of mine owned in 1987 and bought it from him in a year later, at which point it had only covered only 43k miles and had 3 previous owners.
But at just 10 years old in 1988, it was already suffering from rust in usual places – Bottom of the doors, wheel arches, floor under the seats
Although the rust was not structural and could have been sorted it with a good repair/paint job I decided to meticulously stripped the car to a bare shell (boxing and labelling every part – The pictures included in the listing are a very very small part of percentage of all the parts included in the sale) and restore it.
The shell was completely restored (the 4th picture shows how far it was stripped back), using the very last of the original Lancia panels/doors in the world (Bonnet from the US, Wings from Italy). It has been dry stored ever since the restoration was professional completed at great cost (>£3k in 1992!!!) and I believe it is the ONLY rust free complete rolling shell in existence (now unfortunately with a number of storage marks after 25 years!!)
The engine was completely rebuilt (see last picture), balanced, and lighted. The head was ported/polished, fitted with high lift cams and twin DCNF carbs sitting on a bespoke manifiold (c.180 BHP)
The running gear was completely renewed (see 5th photo), New wheel bearings, new ball joints, new track roads, new suspension bushes all round, and all the rims were refurbished.
Spares Car (VEG 649S) – Disassembled – Shell Scrapped  
I bought this Red car in 1990. It was a tired/used Spyder, which I used a as a run around while VPL was being restored plus it had been fitted with the majority of the engine upgrade components that I needed to perform the engine rebuild for VPL and a nearly new full ANSA race exhaust, all recently purchased by a young lad who had more money than sense. 
After running it around for about 4 months, winter started to close in and the car was stored. Unfortunately when I went back to it in the Spring of 1992, the Bodywork had passed the point of no return. I therefore stripped every mechanical and interior bit off the car and put them into storage as spares and scrapped the shell
Coupe – SKT 14 S – First Registered 15th June 1978 – The Reg number alone with worth >£1k
I bought this complete, 58k miles Monte Coupe in 2003. They were becoming very rare by this time and I wanted a complete car that I could use a reference point to help with the rebuild VPL, given it had now been a decade since I had taken it apart !!. I also wanted to make sure that I had every nut, bolt and piece of trim should I need it for VPL
I also thought I may be able to restore the Coupe, which is still possible and own a Coupe & Spyder !!. Worst Case I was thinking of using the centre tube to embark on a 037 recreation.
So there you go 2 full Monte Carlo’s + a car’s worth of spares.
To be honest I do not want to sell them, so please do not waste your time trying to bid me or try to buy individual pieces. I am not interested in selling the cars/parts separately, I want them all to go at once.
That said pricing them has been hard, but you have everything here to restore VPL back to the best MonteCarlo in the UK if not the world, which should fetch >£20k when complete
You could also get the Coupe road worthy or restored. Or sells bits off it. I’m pretty sure that either way you would cover my £10,500 purchase price (e.g it comes with 6 x Rear tail lights, which are worth £150 each)
I dearly hope they find a new home 🙂 where they will be restored and loved
** – I have gone through all the parts and believe that the only piece that is missing to fully restore VPL is a standard front bumper. SKT 14S has a front bumper but it’s not standard.
Cool eBay Find #129

Cool eBay Find #126

Mercedes of this age often have a class and elegance that few cars manage to achieve. Even in a delapidated state this Mercedes still looks beautiful, and it so needs saving, or perhaps even restomodding. It’s a manual car which would tempt me to keep the car with the original running gear but this could be stunning with the right aesthetic and a nice V8 under the bonnet. I’m not sure I would want to spend £5k on it but the car is complete and the engine runs though it has no brakes. It has had 3 owners from new, and is now MOT and tax exempt, though the MOT is obviously still sensible.

Cool eBay Find #126

Cool eBay Find #122

There is something about the Opel GT that I really like, I think the styling of them is just fantastic and with a few modifications they really can be an awesome little car. Unfortunately you don’t see many in good condition and this one definitely follows that trend, with a huge amount of rot and the car in pieces, but for £500 it could be a worthwhile project. I’ve seen a restomod online and it looks great, and hopefully it would drive as well as it looks too. This isn’t a project for the faint hearted though, you’d have to chuck a lot of money at it to get it sorted.

Cool eBay Find #122

Cool eBay Find #119

Sometimes 80s bodykits can be really cool. Sometimes they can be like the one on this Lancia Montecarlo. To be fair it looks ok from the front but once you see the other views it goes downhill quite fast. The standard Montecarlo is a nice looking car and I would love to own one, but I’m not sure on this one. I don’t believe I could keep it like it is but I would imagine it would be quite difficult to put it back to stock. This is a no reserve auction however, and the bid is currently at £2,750. It’s important to note though that the car has been unused since 1990, so probably a little past simple recommissioning.

Cool eBay Find #119