Auction Spot #53

This spot has a kind of class that is hard to find and something that manufacturers always try and replicate (often without success). Continue reading “Auction Spot #53”


Auction Spot #40

I may have posted about owning a couple of XJS 3.6 manuals before, but neither are currently on the road (though I’ve driven one of them and it is a fast car). This one is in much better condition than either of mine and is very lovely indeed. Continue reading “Auction Spot #40”

Internet Find #48

So this isn’t the best colour scheme for a Jaguar XJS that you will find, the blue/grey paintwork is nice enough, but when matched with the grey interior it falls a bit flat to my eye. It needs a black interior or at least a cream one. Continue reading “Internet Find #48”


I thought I would write some blog posts about my own XJS and all about owning one (both the good and the bad). At the moment the car is sat up in our workshop with a mystery fuel leak that will require the fuel tank to come out and the oil leak is also still present after the rocker cover gasket was replaced. I’ve also decided to have the car serviced since it doesn’t appear a service has been completed on the car since last 2015. The car is up on a ramp but waiting behind a few, more pressing jobs so it could take a while before it is back on the road. I did manage to break the mounting for one of the chrome trim pieces on the boot but that is all sorted now.

With the bad stuff out of the way, I can say that I’ve been enjoying using the car more and more, even if driving one of the V12s the other day did make me want a little more power. When the fuel level isn’t dropping like a stone because of a fuel leak the car doesn’t do too badly on fuel, 16-18mpg can be achieved easily. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but it is the better part of 30 years old, heavy and with a big engine, so you couldn’t really expect much else. I also discovered that the ‘sport’ mode that I thought didn’t do anything actually does have an effect. It holds the gears until the needle goes right around the clock rather than stopping half way and helps to transform the car into a somewhat fast car. I spoke to an engine builder I know (before I bought the car) who told me that he used to supercharge 4.0 manual XJS when they were new and they produced as much as 420Nm, which is pretty impressive and I wish I could have a go in one. I wasn’t sure that I wanted an automatic car simply because I prefer a manual car and it adds to the driving experience in these especially, but I am actually enjoying the auto box in this one and is perfect for cruising around when you’re not really driving for driving’s sake. Hopefully the car will be back on the road soon and I can give you another update (before it probably develops another issue).

Cool eBay Find #110

The Jaguar XJS has long been regarded as a bit of a flop after being promised as a replacement to the e-type. Now however, people are starting to realise that these are actually good cars that drive and perform nicely. I own a 4.0 auto myself as a daily driver and enjoy it quite a lot, it’s comfortable, fairly fast and handles better than you would think too. I’ve also got a couple of 3.6 manual projects, only one of which I’ve driven. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #110”

Cool eBay Find #105

I really like American pick up trucks, they just seem to have that cool vibe and image plus you can hot rod them or rat rod them and people don’t mind because you’ve been creative. The 50s Ford F100 is one of my favourites and I think that the shape of these is just stunning. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #105”