Auction Spot #40

I may have posted about owning a couple of XJS 3.6 manuals before, but neither are currently on the road (though I’ve driven one of them and it is a fast car). This one is in much better condition than either of mine and is very lovely indeed. Continue reading “Auction Spot #40”


Auction Spot #39

This next spot is a really smart looking little car, and a whole heap of fun too I would imagine. This Fiat 500 was restored and converted to Abarth specification with a new 650cc engine professionally rebuilt to racing standards and Oselli tuned. Continue reading “Auction Spot #39”

Auction Spot #37

Since Porsche reintroduced a proper Targa back into the 911 range the older ones seem to have become all the rage, and I’ll admit I’m happy to join in with that, I think that they are great. Continue reading “Auction Spot #37”

Auction Spot #36

Now this certainly isn’t my favourite Esprit that I’ve ever seen, the colour isn’t great and the interior could use some TLC, but it does look to be cheap, with a guide price of just £12,500-£13,000, not at all bad for a Turbo model. Continue reading “Auction Spot #36”

Auction Spot #35

I normally don’t have much time for kit cars, they can be badly built and its not the sort of thing I would really want to chance my arm on. This Marcos Mantula V8 looks to be quite nice though and was originally built by a garage proprietor and then restored a few years ago. Continue reading “Auction Spot #35”

Auction Spot #34

If you’re looking for a classic car that you can just stick in your garage and sit on for a few years and make a heap of money on then this is the car for you. If you know anything about the Jaguar XJS then you’ll have seen in recent times that they’ve lost their bad stigma and price have appreciated incredibly rapidly and don’t show any signs of slowing down. Continue reading “Auction Spot #34”