Auction Spot #60: 1967 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Competizione

Very few cars have the timeless prettiness of the Alfa Romeo 105, and it can be argued that brand specialist Alfaholics have improved upon the aesthetics of this car as well as the mechanicals. Continue reading “Auction Spot #60: 1967 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV Competizione”


Cool eBay Find #139

It’s been ages since I posted a Beach Buggy and now is probably not the time to sell one, this one was in a suggested feed and I only clicked on it because I thought the wheels were cool, but then I read the description and realised the power figure that this little car is putting out. 296hp and 370Nm is a huge amount of power for something that weighs as little as this car does. The car was built as a dragster/track car, though the owner says he’s been using it on the road. It’s not currently UK registered but this car has to be well worth getting tangled up in DVLA paperwork with. It’s currently bid up to only £2k!!! That is so cheap for any beach buggy let alone one with the specs that this has and the amount of money that must have been spent to build it.

Cool eBay Find #139

Cool eBay #130

A track car can be a fantastic thing, but there is something about this project that really makes me want to save this car and make it back into a road car, it could look really fantastic if you ask me. I’ve never seen a Ford XR2 with a Turbo Technics kit on it, but apparently someone did it! It’s had a lot of modifications to make it what it is but it’s been left unused for 14 years which is a sad thing really, especially since this little car produced 280bhp! However the owner has changed the fuel pump and has had the car running, though evidently it needs some work before this goes back near a track. Apparently the car has got battle scars and has had a light roll (whatever that is) so it would need work if you wanted to tidy it up. It’s not had any bids and has a starting price of £1000, looks like a lot of car there, and perhaps it could be even cheaper.

Cool eBay Find #130

Auction Spot #23

This spot may very well be the bargain of the Porsche Sale at Silverstone, as it appears to be a very well track converted Porsche 928. This 928 is a later 1990 model with a 5.0 V8 and a 5 speed manual gearbox, which makes this a fairly rare car. Continue reading “Auction Spot #23”

Auction Spot #20

Another beauty in this weekend’s Porsche sale is this RSR replica, which has been built from a 1973 Porsche 911T and homologated as a Historic FIA Race Car with a current FIA Technical Passport. Continue reading “Auction Spot #20”

YouTube #5

The McLaren P1 GTR and Aston Martin Vulcan are two of the biggest hitters among the most recent cars built (let alone track cars). This video lets you see them on track together, which I would imagine is incredibly rare considering the number of them and also the cost of bringing them together too. Its a pretty great video so hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

Cool eBay Find #123

Normally I prefer a late 60s Camaro (the earlier model) as they are better looking, but are much more expensive. This car however, looks like it means business, and well it should as a pro Street car. It was imported in 2015 and before that it had only one owner in Texas since it was new in 1973. It’s got a 434cu smallblock V8 and produces over 600hp (with a dyno sheet to back it up), so it’s not really a daily driver. Personally I think the asking price of £27,500 is completely justified, especially if this car is really as clean as it appears. 

Cool eBay Find #123