YouTube #5

The McLaren P1 GTR and Aston Martin Vulcan are two of the biggest hitters among the most recent cars built (let alone track cars). This video lets you see them on track together, which I would imagine is incredibly rare considering the number of them and also the cost of bringing them together too. Its a pretty great video so hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.


Cool eBay Find #123

Normally I prefer a late 60s Camaro (the earlier model) as they are better looking, but are much more expensive. This car however, looks like it means business, and well it should as a pro Street car. It was imported in 2015 and before that it had only one owner in Texas since it was new in 1973. It’s got a 434cu smallblock V8 and produces over 600hp (with a dyno sheet to back it up), so it’s not really a daily driver. Personally I think the asking price of £27,500 is completely justified, especially if this car is really as clean as it appears. 

Cool eBay Find #123


Cool eBay Find #121

I find American cars pretty great most of the time, and I’ve always wanted to own a Mustang, and especially a manual one. This find is described as a restomod Mustang and has a 302 V8 and a five speed manual gearbox, all good there. The stickers that cover most of it I would probably do away with unless it was only useable as a track day car as I prefer a cleaner aesthetic. If you look at the listing there have been a huge amount of parts swapped out and a huge amount of work done, with the owner describing it as a 99% new car and the cost at over £29k so far. The bidding is at £14k so far and I can see it going a lot further. 2% of the sale proceeds will go to a Cancer charity as the owner himself is just recovering from the disease, so there is even more reason to bid!

Cool eBay Find #121

Cool eBay Find #120

Minis are a huge amount of fun to drive, and can easily leave you grinning like a madman if you get the right one. I would love to have a go in a motorbike engined mini, because they’re supposed to be pretty incredible to drive. This one looks incredibly cool and is finished in a very period style which is unusual for one that’s been fitted with a motorbike engine, normally they go pretty mad and carbon fibre everywhere (which is cool too!). Surprisingly this car was built 15 years ago, though it looks like it’s just been finished, and it has a good story too. The bad point is that it hasn’t run in a decade and still has a few jobs to finish too, plus the fact that it’s a LHD car (not that it matters too much with a car this small, it just depends how comfortable you are with it). It’s making good money at nearly £7,000 and I’m intrigued to see how far it goes.

Cool eBay Find #120

Cool eBay Find #116

If you follow any kind of car/eBay pages on social media then you may well have seen this car already. According to the listing it’s been built for a new TV show (in fact there have been a few listings like it this week) and is being sold off. I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this one because the aesthetic isn’t great, it would look better with an X-pack kit, less offensive wheels and getting rid of that grille cover, but then I suppose it wouldn’t get any attention. I had a little bid when it was cheaper but now the listing has disappeared and all of the bids have been deleted. Weird. Perhaps they’ve sold it but I hope not, it would be good to see what it goes for. It’s got all the basics though, it’s fitted with a 2017 Mustang V8 and a manual Tremec five speed gearbox, lots of fun. The interior looks pretty good too and the aesthetics are somewhat updated. Maybe it will reappear but we shall have to wait and see!

Cool eBay Find #116

Cool eBay Find #115

This find could definitely be an unsuspecting pocket rocket which could probably surprise bigger and more powerful cars if in the right hands. Zetec conversions are ever popular on old Fords and this Anglia is no exception. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #115”

Cool eBay Find #95

Here’s something a little different, and definitely not something you often see in the UK. This Ford Gasser could definitely be described as rough and ready, though the vendor says that everything works as it should. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #95”