Cool eBay Find #160

I’m a fan of VW Beetles, so long as they’re done in the correct way, and this one certainly looks to be. Its a 1600 engine but with a turbo added on for a very pleasant power hike. Apparently it has a basic form of water injection which certainly isn’t something you see everywhere! I think the colour suits it personally and the ride height is also adjustable too to complete the look. The driver’s seat is ripped but a fairly easy fix, and there are a few other small issues as with any classic cars. The auction has a starting bid of £6,000 with no bids, so perhaps there is a chance for a bargain after the auction has ended.

Cool eBay Find #160


Cool eBay Find #158: Porsche 924 Turbo Project

Front engined Porsches are starting to get the recognition that we all know they deserved, and if you can find one with a ‘Turbo’ badge then you really could be in the money. This find is in pretty poor condition and is a bit strongly priced personally, but it does come with a spare parts car that you could really have some fun with as a second project. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #158: Porsche 924 Turbo Project”

Auction Spot #57

Another spot at the COYS auction on Saturday is this Saab 99 Turbo, which is something of an icon car. The guide price £9,000-£12,500 with a clever quote nearby that states how you cannot put a price on the thrill that driving a 99 Turbo provides.  Continue reading “Auction Spot #57”

Auction Spot #36

Now this certainly isn’t my favourite Esprit that I’ve ever seen, the colour isn’t great and the interior could use some TLC, but it does look to be cheap, with a guide price of just £12,500-£13,000, not at all bad for a Turbo model. Continue reading “Auction Spot #36”

Cool eBay #130

A track car can be a fantastic thing, but there is something about this project that really makes me want to save this car and make it back into a road car, it could look really fantastic if you ask me. I’ve never seen a Ford XR2 with a Turbo Technics kit on it, but apparently someone did it! It’s had a lot of modifications to make it what it is but it’s been left unused for 14 years which is a sad thing really, especially since this little car produced 280bhp! However the owner has changed the fuel pump and has had the car running, though evidently it needs some work before this goes back near a track. Apparently the car has got battle scars and has had a light roll (whatever that is) so it would need work if you wanted to tidy it up. It’s not had any bids and has a starting price of £1000, looks like a lot of car there, and perhaps it could be even cheaper.

Cool eBay Find #130

Auction Spot #17

With it being the ‘Porsche Sale’ this weekend you can be sure that you’ll see a few Porsche auction spots coming up. I’ve already featured a 944 S2 and now it is the turn of this quite incredible 944 Turbo. The 944 Turbo is widely regarded as the cream of the crop and the prices reflect that by being the highest by quite a distance. Continue reading “Auction Spot #17”

Auction Spot #2

COYS are a very well known name in the classic car market, and have been auctioning any desirable cars for decades. Their next auction is tomorrow (Tues. 17th October 2017) in London with some nice cars on offer and even some reasonable guides too! Continue reading “Auction Spot #2”