YouTube #8

Its another Harry’s Garage video, and another car that I absolutely love. This Mercedes SL600 is a rare car now, and something of a monster. I would absolutely love to own one of these, though with the way their prices are going that probably won’t happen.


YouTube #6

I haven’t watched a huge amount of ‘Harry’s Garage’ videos but I do like his presenting style, and will certainly be watching more. I love the Jaguar XJS (if you hadn’t already guessed), and this colour has got to be one of my favourites, especially on a Pre HE car, which, to me, just has a real style to it that becomes something different in later cars. This is a great video, and well worth a watch.


Auction Spot #43

There isn’t a huge amount of information with this lot, apart from that it is believed that the mileage is correct at 46,000 (which if true would be very low), and that it has been a part of a collection for a long time. Continue reading “Auction Spot #43”

Cool eBay Find #143

My last eBay Find was a bargain XJS that had low miles, this one is much more expensive (though still cheap) with very low miles and a great history to it. This car has had only two lady owners (which may have meant something when it was built but not so much anymore) but what is important is who the first of those lady owners was. The first owner was the wife of the founder of Janspeed Engineering, which is pretty incredible. The second owner was her sister, so it is a one family owned car that has very low mileage and is unrestored and very original apart from a couple of rare Janspeed additions. According to the listing the car has never been welded and is remarkably rust free, which is pretty impressive for one of these. The write up for the listing is absolutely fantastic and whoever wrote it has done a brilliant job of selling the car to me, I want it!

Cool eBay Find #143

Cool eBay Find #142

This is another potential eBay bargain, a low mileage V12 Jaguar XJS. The listing says the 57,000 miles is supported by the paperwork but that isn’t to say it’s perfectly confirmed by it so it’s worth checking. The car is in a nice colour combination of red paintwork (which has been resprayed in places) and cream interior which looks to be in good condition, though the driver’s carpet could use replacing (budget £100 for a set of front mats or £400 for a full carpet set). Apparently everything works fine apart from the air con which the owner reckons could just need recharging, I would lay money on this being an old system with a different (no longer available) refridgerant that would mean replacing the system and cost over £1k. The cruise control doesn’t work an the exhaust could be better (it doesn’t say what about the exhaust). All of this is costing just £2,500 at the moment, though the reserve isn’t met. Still worth a bid though!

Cool eBay Find #142

Cool eBay Find #141

A super coupe can be a fantastic thing, and the BMW 8-series is instantly recognisable as an appreciating modern classic that is starting to receive strong media attention. The 850CSI is the pick of the littler and an M8 in all but name, this eBay Find isn’t a CSI but it is still V12 powered and rare too. A big selling point for me is that it doesn’t have a grey interior, and though it isn’t a huge amount better it is still easier on the eye. This is a 150k mile example which looks a little sorry for itself but perhaps that is just me, but those wheels definitely need swapping out for an original set. It comes with service history but no MOT, though it does run and has been garaged during its current ownership period. It’s currently bid up to £2,250 with the reserve not met, but that is still a cheap car. 

Cool eBay Find #141