Cool eBay Find #163

This bruiser caught my eye very easily, I’ve got a soft spot for Galaxies and this is a real beauty, not to mention it has the ideal spec and condition. 1963 and a half with a 7.0 litre V8 attached to a manual gearbox and a switchable exhaust, this is the kind of car you feel in your chest as well as hear it. Its been built in recent years and it looks like someone has sunk a huge amount of time and money into this project. The car also has a great write up which explains exactly how the car was built and how it came from the factory too, and even better than that is that there is a couple of videos (which show the switchable exhaust brilliantly too). The buy it now price of just under £28,000 doesn’t seem at all unreasonable to me, for a car of this quality and specification you could easily pay a lot more (especially if you try and build it yourself!). Well worth looking at but you might have to try and get there before me…..

Cool eBay Find #163

Cool eBay find #161

Now on the surface of it this Mercedes doesn’t look like a cool eBay find, its very scruffy, a bit rusty and needs some paintwork done too. That said, it is a 560 SEC and those are getting very hard to find now, you’ll be waiting a while to find one. This one looks overpriced at £7,000 but it has been listed for a while so there is probably the potential for negotiation by now. The listing also states that the owner has a large collection of classic cars, makes me wonder what other interesting cars they have stashed away..

Cool eBay find #161

YouTube #12: Velar SVR, Vanquish and others testing at the ‘Ring

Some of the most interesting upcoming cars have been caught testing at the Nurburgring including the Velar SVR (featuring JLR’s phenomenal V8), the new AM Vanquish/DBS, 8-series, Supra and Cullinan.

Auction Spot #61: Lamborghini Urraco

The Urraco is probably one of the least known Lamborghinis, it wasn’t all that popular when it was produced and is now quite rare, with only 205 P300 examples like this one being built. Continue reading “Auction Spot #61: Lamborghini Urraco”

Auction Spot #59: Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale

In recent weeks I’ve seen a few posts about the Challenge Stradale on social media and I’m pretty intrigued, especially since a few people have called it one of the best sounding cars ever. Continue reading “Auction Spot #59: Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale”

Auction Spot #56

For #56 we’re moving from Morris Leslie to the COYS auction which will also be taking place on Saturday, though I will be attending this one. The auction takes place at the London Classic Car Show so if you’re attending the show you can watch the auction and even have a bid should you wish (just note that just watching an auction is pretty boring in general).

Anyway, my first spot for this auction is this lovely MG RV8 which is painted red (quite unusual for one of these). You normally see them in BRG which looks fantastic and has a lovely depth to it but there is something about the red paintwork that makes this car stand out, and I’m curious to see how it affects the price, as the guide of £15k – £20k isn’t all that unusual for one of these. Apparently this car is one of only 43 RHD UK models, which seems awfully low for a British car with a total build figure of close to 2,000. 85,000 miles doesn’t seem as low as COYS would like you to believe but if it is a well presented car it could be a great car (and a fun one) for someone. Follow the link below to see the original listing.

Auction Spot #56