Cool eBay Find #152

Find #152 is this incredibly cool MK2 Ford Escort X-Pack with quite a twist. Everyone has seen these cars in RS2000 form or with a Cosworth YB engine packing a lot more power but it is very rare to see one with a V8 – something that is sure to send purists into a spin. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #152”


Cool eBay Find #150

There are a lot of Capris for sale at any time, though few look to be in as nice a condition as this one, and it’s harder to find a square headlight (mk2) model, though I prefer the mk3 myself. I love an X-Pack car, I just think they look so cool, even more so than the standard car. This is a 3.0S model so it’s top of the range too, and harder to find than a 2.8i. It’s currently bid up to £13,400 so it doesn’t look like a bad deal either.

Cool eBay Find #150