Auction Spot #40

I may have posted about owning a couple of XJS 3.6 manuals before, but neither are currently on the road (though I’ve driven one of them and it is a fast car). This one is in much better condition than either of mine and is very lovely indeed. Continue reading “Auction Spot #40”


Internet Find #48

So this isn’t the best colour scheme for a Jaguar XJS that you will find, the blue/grey paintwork is nice enough, but when matched with the grey interior it falls a bit flat to my eye. It needs a black interior or at least a cream one. Continue reading “Internet Find #48”

Cool eBay Find #110

The Jaguar XJS has long been regarded as a bit of a flop after being promised as a replacement to the e-type. Now however, people are starting to realise that these are actually good cars that drive and perform nicely. I own a 4.0 auto myself as a daily driver and enjoy it quite a lot, it’s comfortable, fairly fast and handles better than you would think too. I’ve also got a couple of 3.6 manual projects, only one of which I’ve driven. Continue reading “Cool eBay Find #110”